Fiction/Novel Ielocītās lapas/Folded Pages

Cover of Ielocītās Lapas by Sandra Veinberga (Sandra Veinberg)

Ielocītās lapas (Folded pages) by Sandra Veinberga,


Publisher: Preses nams, Rīga, Latvia

Author: Sandra Veinberga

Language: Latvian

Format: Book

ISBN-10: 9984004295

ISBN-13: 9789984004297

Length: 590 pages


Novel to convey things that cannot otherwise be conveyed either being a journalist or a scientist


BNS, 11 December 2011.


The first novel called “Ielocītās lapas” (Folded Pages) written by Sandra Veinberga, the famous journalist and publicist, Doctor of Philosophy, who lives and works in Sweden, has been released. According to Daiga Lapsa, the public relations project manager at Publishing House “Preses Nams”, the novel has been published by the Stock Company “Presesnams”.


“I felt it as my duty to write this novel to convey things that cannot otherwise be conveyed either by being a journalist or a scientist. The chosen genre allowed me to express them in the most precise form. I have written in artistic manner about things which happened in the Eastern Europeon the second half of the 20th century,” Veinberga explains the creative process.


Novel presents authentic historical facts and reflects the fate of an occupied nation. It tells about the fate of certain people and a small country which will definitely be recognized asLatviaby a Latvian reader. “That is the most effective method,” says the author and adds “the novel represents several controversial things and thus I see it as a challenge to historians”.


Astrīda Iltnere, the Head of Publishing House “Preses Nams”, “Finally we have got the novel written exclusively for men portraying also women – bright peacetime ladies, true Latvians with their specific traits, also an immigrant – with charm and ability to weigh up life and men – yet always kept in the foreground by the author. We get to know the new capitalists of the ’30s and their sons with faithfulness, betrayal and deceit. Written by the author with subtle irony. All characters get separated by the war and the change of political regimes. The action continues to the present day.”



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